Marriage & Couples Counselling

Helping couples work through problems today so they can enjoy forever.

Not getting along? Separation and Divorce is not the 1st step. It's not the 2nd step either. Call Positive Circles today so you may be together forever.

Everyone deserves to be happy, especially with someone else. However, it can be tough for two self-governing people to learn to live together in a healthy, interdependent loving relationship. Call us, we can help you.

Positive Circles offers group and individual counselling to help couples work through their adult love relationships. Counselling can help couples with communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, and relationship enrichment.

Every couple wants a lasting relationship, and having the right skills are key ingredients to building a relationship that will last.

Couples counselling focus areas

• Infidelity/Adultery
• Learning to manage conflict better
• Building/reconnecting your friendship
• Reviewing common values and beliefs
• Improving communication
• Crisis intervention/therapy
• Cross cultural differences

Familiar topics of concern

• Difficulties with conflict
• Dying relationships
• Parenting difficulties
• Working through divorce issues
• Infidelity and adultery crisis management
• Problems with communication
• General infertility and/or donor conception
• Sexual difficulties/ low libido
• Children, teens, or blended families
• Meddling in-laws