Employment Benefits Accepted

Pay for your counselling with your work benefits program.

Are You Covered With Benefits? Absolutely YES!

When it comes to enquiries about counselling services, the question, “am I covered to see you?” is one of the most frequent and important questions I get. For many people, it affects how much counselling they can receive, if at all, especially if money is tight. Here are some payment options.

Insurance & Extended Health Benefits

Clients who have extended health benefits through their employer may be reimbursed for all or a portion of their affordable counselling fees. Services will be paid for in advance and Positive Circles can work with our clients to ensure they have the right paperwork for the appropriate reimbursement.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

health benefits, affordable counselling feesMany employers will pay for short-term counselling services for their employees under “Employee Assistance Programs” (EAP). These services may include counselling, training, assessments, and workshops. Please check with your employer.

EAP programs are designed to help employees and their families deal with issues that affect their lives. Personal problems and work stress can result in increased absenteeism, lower productivity and workplace conflicts.

Talk to your employer or Human Resources department about the EAP benefits program to cover your counselling sessions.

Are You A Psychologist? My benefits say I need a Psychologist.

Dr. Bita Sharifzadeh, Pyschologist - Positive Circles
Dr. Bita Sharifzadeh, Psychologist

Dr. Bita Sharifzadeh, a Psychologist (CPO #5333), is the supervising psychologist for Positive Circles. She specializes in psychological disorders, she has an eclectic approach to therapy, integrating Schema-focused CBT, mindfulness, and sensorimotor psychotherapy to meet a client’s individual needs, allowing them to achieve psychological well-being and empowering them to become their own therapists.

It is commonly accepted by most Employee Assistance programs and Health benefits providers that you should be seen by a counsellor that is supervised by a psychologist to meet their standard for reimbursement. You should qualify to use your benefits to pay for counselling services.