Couples Therapy

Helping people rise above the challenges in their close relationship.

Being together might sometimes be painful, tempting you to break it off to find your peace of mind. But before you make that impulsive decision.

Separating isn't the solution. There isn't a guarantee that you'll be happy if you call it quits.

Contrary to popular belief, difficult times in a couple's timeline are a test to determine the strength of their relationship and individual personalities. It takes faith, honesty, and patience to endure these phases, but you emerge stronger.

Can couples therapy work for you? That depends on how inclined you or your partner are towards reconciliation, confrontation, and forgiveness. An outside eye can be useful in eliminating misunderstandings.

So yes, booking couples therapy is worth it if you, your partner, or both, are trying to give things a fresh start.
Whether you choose individual therapy or couples therapy, a therapy session virtually never goes in vain. If you're already wondering how couples therapy works, let us take you through a tour of our work.

How Does Couples Therapy Solve the Problem?

Couples therapy can solve a variety of problems. It helps you figure out the problematic areas of your relationship, identifies toxic loopholes, and address the lack of conflict resolution.

Couples therapy should start when the individuals feel like they're losing sight of what's essential and disturbing their connection and understanding.

While nobody's exempt from minor issues now and then, there are situations where you may need help to sort things out.

Couples therapy can restore the equilibrium in your relationship to a much better and protected level. We also strive to fortify the relationship's foundations and strengthen individual interdependence, care, and trust.

Even though love is crucial to the equation, love alone is not guaranteed to save your marriage. Couples therapy often works in the following sequence:

How Can Counselling Help Couples?

Step1: You book your first ever session with us at Positive Circles. You may come with your partner or drop by all alone. During this step, we will try to tap into the causes of disruption in your relationship.

Step 2: The next step involves setting some therapy goals. What do you want to address during the sessions? How do you want to be able to deal with your partner? We may also establish a few temporary rules and boundaries to help with more rational arguments and discussions.

Step 3: Next, we create a plan to carry on the therapy and set a target. This program will consist of attempts to understand each factor that is contributing to your domestic unrest.

Step 4: We plan exercises and evaluation methods. How do couples respond to various triggers and stimuli? How does one partner implement these exercises and session results to change a worsening situation fruitfully? These methods make up the homework part of our therapy.

Step 5: We will evaluate responses to practical exercises to raise awareness regarding your relationship’s source of concern.

Step 6: Once the entire situation is understood, we’ll recommend and encourage coping mechanisms and behavioural changes for the couple.

Step 7: The ultimate goal is for each partner to have a much clearer view of their situation and be better equipped to improve their present circumstances.

Want to find out how couples therapy can save your relationship? We’re waiting for you! Our consultation is free and will give you insight into how everything works at Positive Circles. Book your session with your partner and revive the spark.


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