Child & Youth Counselling

We can help strip away the issues so the problems can stop

No parent or guardian should watch a child struggle mentally or emotionally. Just like adults, your children experience grief, loss, depression, and anxiety. We can help them. Call Positive Circles today. We understand the negative impact bullying, trauma, and academic struggles can have on their behaviour and self-esteem.

At Positive Circles, we understand that teenagers need help too. Although they often struggle to talk about highly emotional topics, therapy can help.

Teens can present unique parenting challenges. They push the boundaries, fight for independence, and then seem clingy all in the same day. Although some of these behaviours may be a normal part of growing up, things can escalate to a level that is unhealthy for the child and the parent.

We can help you and your child develop boundaries, communicate effectively, and work through past issues.

Issues we can work on are:

• Parental Separation & Divorce
• Anxiety & Depression
• Sexual abuse
• Bullying & School stress
• Coming out of the closet
• Anger management
• Suicidal thoughts
• Eating disorders
• Self esteem
• Court & Legal Situations
• Boyfriend / Girlfriend issues
• Social Isolation
• Family conflict

A little extra service…

Positive Circles counsellors can also accompany children and youth to courts and hospitals, connect them with other important resources such as housing, case management or crisis services, and make referrals to other health care professionals.