Anxiety Counselling

Helping people rise overcome the challenges of stress and anxiety.

Anxiety can make you lose control of everything in a flash. One thought, one false trigger, one wrong gesture can lead to an anxious reaction.

You may have mild or severe anxiety cases, but they always leave you drained of energy and motivation. Whether you're facing anxiety about work or have a big day ahead of you, it may be challenging to deal with.

Anxiety counsellors at Positive Circles understand what you are going through. We have worked with – and felt – the press of an anxious heart and mind. If you're thinking of anxiety as a permanent part of your life, you may want to book a session with Positive Circles!

Anxiety is a problem that affects not only your immediate circumstances but may also impact your long-term social relations. It can affect your job, skills, and creativity.

Anxiety can ruin relationships with your spouse, kids, parents, and other members of the family. It may also drive away your friends and colleagues, leading to isolation and loneliness, which may create further insecurities that may worsen the issue.

How Does Anxiety Counselling Help?

Anxiety causes a host of problems in your anatomy, psychology, and social behaviour. Anxiety can lead to depression. Several other disturbances in your mental health may also be responsible for palpitations, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, insomnia, memory loss, and high blood pressure.

Anxiety counselling can cure your problem in the following ways:

· Identifying your triggers in specific environments and the presence of other catalytic factors.
· Revisiting your worst-case scenarios to figure out what activates and speeds up specific psychological and neurological reactions.
· Recommending strategies to keep an eye on possible triggers and prepare yourself to stop reacting impulsively.
· Prescribing exercises, rehab, or behavioural and psychological changes to transform your situation.
· Collecting your data from the beginning to the end and building a coherent report of your journey.
· Referring you to medical institutions and professionals for further treatment of anxiety's side effects.

What Are The Next Steps?

Anxiety counselling works in a series of steps. From step one to the last one, here’s how your journey may progress:

Step 1: You book a consultation session with us to explain your problem and decide if we are a good fit for you. We analyze your situation and take you in as a client.

Step 2: We work together to set therapeutic goals for our sessions. Treating symptoms, building self-esteem, and ridding you of anxiety are our ultimate priorities.

Step 3: Based on your current status and desired goals, we help you set up a plan for your next sessions. This plan involves both practical work and heart-to-heart talking sessions.

Step 4: Once your plans are set, we give you exercises to help you overcome anxiety. These may take place in controlled as well as uncontrolled environments to test your progress.

Step 5: We evaluate your results and responses in anxiety conditions to help calm you down effectively.

Step 6: We recommend a plan of dealing with anxiety-triggering situations and provide referrals; you may need further medical treatment.

Step 7: Depending on how well you handle situations that previously made you anxious, we determine your success in therapy.

Wondering how much better you’ll feel after our therapies? Book your free consultation session today and notice a change from your very first visit!


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