Anger Management Counselling

Helping people manage their anger and extreme emotions.

We all get angry. Very angry sometimes.

Life, people and situations can drive us to the brink of self-control. That can be scary and harmful. Everyone deserves to be peaceful and in control of his or her life. Anger management counselling involves developing the skills that can give you increased control over your emotions.

When you can manage how you respond to situations or people, even when they are not the way you want them to be, you are more in control of your life.

Positive Circles offers group and individual Anger management counselling that helps you see situations from multiple perspectives. It involves learning skills that help you pause before you respond to something that is upsetting or frightening.

Courts often order anger management but the skills you'll learn help everyone. Pause for a moment and think about people you know who did things they would not have done if they had been in control of their anger.

Anger management focus areas

• Managing factors that may make angry,
• Identifying situations that set you off
• Learn skills to manage triggers
• Logical thinking techniques
• Self-calming techniques
• Emotional expression and assertive communication
• Focused problem-solving
• Effective communication

Familiar topics of concern

• Difficulty maintaining relationships
• Health concern, lack of sleep
• Parenting difficulties
• Missing work or school
• Negative interaction with the law
• Violent outbursts or harming others
• Feeling out of control

Anger management training does not solve the problem immediately. Just like other habits, it takes time to develop new ones.

Step 1 – Consultation >

    • We help to identify the knowledge and skills gaps that need work to improve the ability to manage anger.

Step 2 – Creating A Plan > We create a plan with you for one-on-one or group counselling

One-on-one counselling may involve cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is a very effective method of improving emotion regulation. Helping a client identify multiple ways to perceive a situation can feel like someone took a blindfold off and helps you understand yourself and others with more clarity.

Group counselling focuses on building skills that help you respond with less anger. You’ll learn skills that help you insert a pause, or even a full stop, between the situation that would have led to extreme rage and your response. Creating a break provides space for you to use your wisdom to change your answer.

The most important thing that happens in anger management training is you gain greater control over your emotions and, as a result, greater control over your life.

Change your Response, Change the Outcome

Uncontrolled anger causes behaviours we regret. Building the skills to manage anger in healthy ways can make the difference between being free or in prison, being married or divorced, being with our children or termination of parental rights, or being employed or unemployed.

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